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Last update: 2016-03-30
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Karen & Malishach

Rating: 0.00

Lesbian foot fetish

Sexy lesbian girls Karen and Malishach have a dominant foot-fetish.Karen wears sexy lacquer heels which she uses to stroke between her girlfriend's legs, before Malishach will lick her hot heels. Then Karen strokes Malishach's body with her nylons and massages her between her legs and on her tits.

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Red-Haired Any Frost

Rating: 10.00

Any Frost explores the kitchen barefoot

Playful Any Frost loves to explore her surroundings with her feet - preferably completely naked! She loves her feet and takes good care of them. Today she allows you to watch her exploring the kitchen with her feet. Therefore she sits down naked on the countertop and plays on the oven with her feet, before she washes them in the sink. Afterwards she also licks them, sucks on her toes and kisses her own feet gently.

The most favourite GirlsLikeFeet.com Update

Elegant Maya Sue

Rating: 10.00

Maya Sue shows you everything!

She is a very sexy, elegant girl - Maya Sue! And she knows that she looks very hot so she takes some photos of herself. Especially of her feet! She lies at the bed and starts to take pictures of them. This makes her so horny that she takes off her clothes. She starts with her sexy blue high heels - but won't stop till she wears a black wristband only! She looks soo awesome sexy! And she is also unbelievable flexible! She leans back at the bed - and starts licking her own toes! Just look at this fucking hot beauty and her sexy feet and body!

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